General Questions

You have received a bill for the services provided by St. Jude Laboratory, ordered by your physician. This bill is for laboratory testing and is separate from any other bill you may have received/paid at your physician’s office.

At times you may have not visited our Laboratory, but your specimen was submitted to St. Jude Laboratory for testing purposes.

You may refer to the message on your St. Jude Laboratory bill or the EOB (Explanation of Benefits) from your insurance carrier for any further information.

Though the reasons for receiving the bill are not limited, here are a few for you to review:

  • No/Incorrect insurance information was received on your test order.
  • The claim was processed and denied by the insurance carrier.
  • The claim was processed and the balance was applied to your co-pay or deductible.
  • The claim was not responded to by the insurance carrier.

Click to view an example of the St. Jude Laboratory bill, which contains definitions of the terms used on it. The appearance of the bill in the example may differ basis the location of the laboratory; however, the definitions will be helpful for you.

You may call our customer service number listed on the bill or contact our online customer service for any further questions.

If the bill is addressed to your spouse, it is likely that your spouse is the policy holder, who is responsible for payment of co-insurance, co-payments and/or deductibles incurred for services provided to you as a covered dependent.

In this event, you are required to send the requested information to the address or fax number listed on your bill. You may also seek help by calling our customer service number mentioned on the bill, or by contacting our online customer service team.

If in case the message indicates that your insurance carrier needs more information to process your claim, you may directly contact your insurance carrier.

St. Jude Laboratory obtains diagnosis information from the office of the ordering physician. You may contact your physicians’ office, if your insurance carrier denied your claim due to the diagnosis code.

A draw fee is chargeable if a patient visits one of Patient Service Centers (PSC) for drawing a specimen. Generally, insurance covers this fee for many patients; however, for uninsured patients or for patients whose insurance doesn’t cover the draw fee, the patients are responsible for payment of the draw fee.


You may pay your bill your bill online by clicking here.

Yes, once you register on our website, you will be able to store your information under your profile.

It is absolutely secure.

We are always concerned about privacy and security of information we transmit over the Internet, even while you’re making an online payment. We use industry standard SSL encryption, just like the technology used by banks to safeguard your information. You may verify this SSL connection by looking at the SSL padlock in your browser:

  • For Internet Explorer 7.0 and above, this padlock is located at the top of your browser window, towards the right of the address bar.
  • For Internet Explorer 6.0 or earlier, the padlock is located at the bottom right of your browser window, towards the left of the word "Internet."
  • For Internet Explorer 4.0 or later, there is no padlock, but the Site Identification Button is displayed on the left side of the address bar.
  • For Internet Explorer 3.0 or earlier, the padlock is at the bottom right of your browser window.
  • For Safari, the padlock is located at the top right of the bowser window.
You may refer to our Privacy Policy for more information

You may send payments by mail to the payments address mentioned on your bill. Include your Payment Coupon(s) with your bill, along with the payment. Please ensure to mention your bill number(s) on your check or money order to ensure proper credit is applied.

Every bill that is generated is transaction specific. To maintain privacy, we do not store information regarding the patient from transaction to transaction; hence each transaction has a new bill number. Hence, whenever you make a payment you must match the bill number to the actual paper bill, to ensure that the payment is applied to the correct bill.

All past payment should be cleared to continue taking advantage of St. Jude Laboratory’s services.

Patient Assistance Programs

St. Jude Labs allows monthly installments on certain payment plans until the balance is paid in full. For patients who qualify based on the poverty guidelines set by U.S. Department of Health and Human Service, we assist them with free or reduced-fee services

Test Results

Click here to get a copy of the test results.


Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN) is required by Medicare to determine whether a test is likely to be denied by Medicare for payments. Test that are deemed medically necessary by Medicare if the patient has certain symptoms, medical conditions or diseases are called Limited Coverage Tests. Since the Medicare program pays for services that are reasonable and necessary, patients are able to make an informed choice about receiving certain laboratory tests. Patients who choose to have Limited Coverage tests performed have the financial responsibility for testing in case the payment is denied by Medicare.

A "crossover" program provided by Medicare forwards claims to the secondary carrier for coordination of benefits automatically. Patients need to notify Medicare of their secondary insurance coverage to take full advantage of this program.


If the blood is being drawn at one our service centers, patients can ask for pricing before it is drawn. Patients can also contact the billing customer service here (link) or discuss pricing with the customer service team at the laboratory.


To find out if St. Jude Laboratory is in-network with your insurance plan, click here. It is the patients’ responsibility to verify benefits before taking advantage of nay services. You may contact your insurance carrier for any questions.

As a one-time courtesy and only in select geographic locations, St. Jude Laboratory will choose file eligible claims to a secondary insurance carrier. You may check availability for this service and submit your secondary insurance information by calling our customer service numbers in your area or by contacting online. You can refer to the bill for any contact information.

A few reasons maybe:

  • No/Incorrect insurance information was received on your test order.
  • The payment was denied by the insurance carrier after processing the claim.
  • The claim was applied to your co-pay or deductible after being processed by your insurance carrier.
  • There was no response received to the claim by the insurance carrier.
For more specific information, you may refer to your St. Jude Laboratory bill or the EOB (Explanation of Benefits) for your insurance carrier. For additional questions, you may contact your insurance carrier directly. We will be happy to re-submit a claim to your insurance carrier if it was not billed, or was billed with incorrect information. Please have your insurance card with you when providing this information.

You may update your information to St. Jude Laboratory by clicking here for customer service. Make sure that you verify all information before having it updated, to avoid any denial of claims by your insurance carrier. You can even mail or fax a copy of your insurance card to the correspondence address on your bill, to have this addressed.

Your insurance carrier is billed based on a requisition provided to us by your physician, which is an original test order. This requisition information is incorrect at times and to ensure that insurance is correctly billed, present your insurance card at the physician’s office or while visiting a Patient Service Center (PSC). Do ensure that you physician or the PSC has the most updated contact information for you, including your billing address and correct date of birth. Some physician offices or PSCs have a system called Care 360, where you can verify your current information.

As individual insurance coverage plans change on an annual basis typically, it’s important to provide your most recent insurance policy information at each visit, to ensure proper billing.

Please contact you insurance carrier directly for more information regarding coverage and benefits. Your Insurance carrier should explain details about how a specific claim is processed on an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) form. These forms usually differ with insurance payers. You may refer to the Glossary of Items to interpret the information provided by your insurance carrier.

In such an instance, please write your bill number on the EOB and mail or fax a copy to St. Jude Laboratory. You can refer to your bill for the mailing address or the fax number. St. Jude Laboratory will contact your insurance provider and resolve this issue.

It generally takes about 4-6 weeks for the claim to be processed and for your insurance carrier to reach out to you with an Explanation of Benefits (EOB).

Any questions regarding you insurance coverage should be directed to your insurance carrier. St. Jude Laboratory does not know about each individual’s insurance coverage. We urge all patients to verify their coverage before utilizing any services.

We're Committed To Making Our Clients Happy

Walt Rice
St. Jude Labs has been very thorough in making sure every piece of the COVID-19 testing process for our school happens the way it should. I get regular calls from the person overseeing our school, and check-ins from the supervisor to make sure everything is going well. Turnaround time on requests, emails, calls, is usually under 15 minutes. Excellent service!
FM Visuals
Great organization. Great communication, organization. All items delivered overnight including shipping label free of charge . JUMOKE INC
Rocky Arnold
Amazing company and staff!!! I especially appreciate the professionalism and moral I’ve witnessed. Would recommend in all aspects.
Collins Maranga
I'm a nurse who works for a Home Care and Assisted Living Provider in Minnesota. We have been using St. Jude Labs for our Covid tests and other since the Pandemic started. We overnight secure test samples via Fedex and they have consistently sent us timely results within 24 to 72 hours (most of the time within 24 hours). They have a very responsive five star team. I would refer anyone to use St. Jude Lab in Maryland.
Arise and Shine Health Center
Thanks Mike for your professionalism and your attention to details. It has been a pleasure working with you and your team at St. Jude's lab.
Jewel Odejimi
St. Jude Lab is fantastic. They are very responsive, professional, quick to respond, and dedicated. They work very hard to make sure their clients and patients are satisfied. 10/10 would recommend their services.
Ndidi M
Mike has been wonderful. Very attentive to our needs as a business. His communication is effective and superb. It has been a delight to work with him. We’re looking forward to maintaining our working relationship as we usher in the new year. Many thanks and Happy New Year!
Highland Park
St. Jude Laboratories have provided on-site COVID-19 PCR testing for our students and staff since October 2021. The team of nurses and administrators is so professional and efficient. The lab is located in Maryland and is very convenient for our school; however, the lab conducts multi-state COVID-19 PCR testing. Our children (ages 2-14) are so comfortable with the oropharyngeal swabs; this was important because we did not want an intrusive testing method for our students. The process of sending test samples and receiving the results is very efficient too. Our results are always back within 24-36 hours. If you are looking for an efficient on-site lab for COVID testing, especially for children, I highly recommend St. Jude Laboratories. They have been the best choice for Highland Park Christian Academy.
Lisa Sullivan
I am an assisted director of an assisted living community that uses St Jude's Laboratory for all of our residents lab testing needs and communities Covid testing. The staff is always pleasant to work with, results are back quick and scheduling pick ups is easy and convenient. Best lab I have worked with.
I am a nurse and I work with St. Jude lab often. They always turn our results around quickly and customer service is wonderful. They go out of their way to help our site with our lab needs during a difficult Pandemic.