Why Choose St. Jude Labs?

At St. Jude Labs, we offer an expansive range of medical testing services, from COVID-19 testing to toxicology testing panels that can identify a patient’s risk for a large number of different diseases. While our facility might not be the only one that offers these services, we believe that there are several excellent reasons to choose St. Jude Labs for your medical testing needs.

Whether you are a physician looking for a testing facility to partner with or a patient looking to schedule their own testing services, here are the top reasons to choose St. Jude Labs.

1) Swift Turnaround Time

One well-known obstacle in the medical industry is the fact that delays in receiving test results often lead to delays in treatment. In some cases, these delays are inconsequential. In other cases, they provide time for a disease to grow more severe. If a patient has been hospitalized and is awaiting their test results, testing delays can increase their length of stay as well.

At St. Jude Labs, we recognize the immense importance of timely testing results. That’s why we are proud to offer some of the fastest turnaround times of any laboratory in the Maryland area. By providing physicians and patients with swift, reliable results, we are able to ensure that sound treatment decisions can be made as soon as possible and eliminate the waiting game that so many patients have come to dread.

2) Reliable Results

It’s great to receive your testing results quickly, but if those results aren’t reliable then it might end up being better to have never received them at all. Inaccurate testing results can lead to numerous problems. Sometimes, inaccurate results can prevent a condition from being accurately diagnosed and treated. In the case of testing for infectious diseases such as COVID-19, meanwhile, inaccurate results that come in the form of a false negative can cause a patient to unknowingly spread the disease to others.

Understanding the seriousness of these issues, we at St. Jude Labs employ cutting-edge technology and experienced medical testing professionals to ensure that the results of our testing services can always be trusted. By leveraging both our experience and our access to the best tools and technology in the medical industry, we are able to provide complete peace of mind that our test results can be trusted.

3) Compassionate Care

We realize that patients who schedule appointments for medical testing with St. Jude Labs aren’t always feeling their best. Your stay at our facility might be brief, but we still place a heavy emphasis on compassionate care.

We strive to make our testing processes as comfortable as possible from start to finish and always treat our patients like they are our own family. If you would like to ensure that your testing appointment is as stress-free, hassle-free, and pain-free as possible then you are sure to appreciate the warmth, friendlessness, and compassion that define the St. Jude Labs culture.

How to Schedule an Appointment With St. Jude Labs

When you need medical testing services that are swift, reliable, and performed with care, you can count on the compassionate professionals at St. Jude Labs. Whether it’s preventing delays in treatment and extended hospital stays due to delayed testing results, preventing false negatives and other issues that can arise from unreliable results, or simply ensuring a comfortable and pain-free experience, there are plenty of excellent reasons to choose St. Jude Labs for your medical testing needs. Check out our website to learn more about St. Jude Labs and the variety of industry-leading testing services that we offer. Or, to schedule an appointment for one of these testing services at our state-of-the-art Maryland laboratory, feel free to contact us today.

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