Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

At St. Jude labs, we count on our executive team to solve complex business problems with creativity and passion, always looking to learn something new. We are seeking an experienced Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) to join us in this mission, with a focus on strategic planning, revenue growth and partnerships with Healthcare organizations.

The Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) will be an experienced healthcare/technology executive with a track record of leadership roles in the medical laboratory space. This person will possess a demonstrated ability to set and lead enterprise revenue, commercialand selling strategy, while also working cross-functionally to drive the growth agenda. A deep understanding of the laboratory space commercial strategies, sales and selling systems, sales operations, client success, channel programs, and business development is critical.

Together with other members of the executive team, you will execute the current corporate strategic sales plan, focusing on expansion to new segments and partnerships, while ultimately strengthening the sales strategy. You will also be instrumental in creating future strategicplans with the goal of boosting revenue streams.

The CRO candidate must have a proven record of substantial scaling ofbusiness.

Objectives of this Role
  • Partner with other members of the executive team to execute the current corporate strategic plan, and develop future plans.
  • Determine and achieve revenue goals.Plan, develop, and implement effective sales strategies and policies.
  • Develop strategic alliances and partnerships.
  • Represent the company's products to clients, partners and otherrelevant third parties, including presentations and demonstrations of capabilities and solutions, and other PR activities.
  • Ensure performance, strategy, and alignment of the organization’s revenue-generating departments.
  • Manage a national sales team that can drive business growth across all customer segments and profiles, and share accountability with the marketing function for improving the individual client experience and strategy.
  • Help maximize reach and efficiency by adding new, scalable partners in a strategic way.
  • Build and foster creative teams committed to continuing our culture of innovation.
  • Monitor the revenue pipeline and leads, adjusting as necessary to create sustainable growth.
Daily and Monthly Responsibilities
  • Monitor the marketplace and analyze opportunities, providing competitive analysis, strategies, and tactics.
  • Stay well-connected with customers to ensure broad market needs are being incorporated into the product development and enhancement cycle.
  • Collaborate with finance, product management, and marketing on messaging, pricing strategies, and business models to achieve revenue goals.
  • Identify and resolve issues across the marketing/sales and account management functions.
  • Participate in contract negotiations.
Required Skills and Qualifications
  • 10+ years in diversified leadership roles, specifically in the diagnostic laboratory space, driving and implementing revenue growth.
  • Proven record of substantial scaling of business.
  • An extensive network of relationships across the diagnostics and healthcare industry.
  • Extensive understanding of healthcare market dynamics, including the pain points and unmet needs of customers.
  • Significant general management and P&L experience.
  • History of decision-making based on business metrics.
  • Inspirational leadership style and hands-on approach.
Preferred Qualifications
  • Good technical experience with CRM software other commercial tools.
  • MBA—or equivalent advanced degree.

Excellent compensation package with bonuses.

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